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Tim Lee’s story and that of the Special Ops Clean Team is similar to that of many of us who have migrated to the Valley of the Sun. He came here in 1995 from his hometown of Lincoln, NE with nothing but his wife and three children, a desire to never shovel snow again and a great work ethic. Over the next 24 years he has built three very successful businesses in which his family is all involved, a wonderful life for his family, and a community of satisfied customers across Arizona.

Family is a key for Lee. He comes from a military family, and as such, requires that everything his companies do be completed with military precision and thoroughness. It’s one of the things that sets Special Ops Clean Team, Moving Team Six and The Perfectionist apart from their competition. As he moves toward a franchising model with Special Ops Clean Team, that will be a focus of the company – helping people build their own family-owned business by giving them the benefit of the expertise Tim and his family have developed over 24 years. Here’s how they got started…

Tim and his wife Shelly decided to give up the t-shirt business he had built in Nebraska, letting his father-in-law take it over so they could seek greener (and more importantly, warmer) pastures in Phoenix. He wasn’t sure what he would do when they got here, but knew the area was growing and that there was plenty of opportunity. When looking for a home, his real estate agent mentioned that there was a huge need for quality cleaning services in the Valley, and a seed was planted; Tim knew that anything he did, he would do with the highest quality, and his first company, The Perfectionist Cleaning Services was born.

He literally started in his own back yard, with his children traversing the area on their bikes and skateboards, papering the neighborhood with flyers and door hangers advertising his new company’s services. As he began doing quality work, word spread and the referrals began to roll in, and the business was off and running.

Within a year he saw a need for additional services within the cleaning model and added carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning to his menu of options. The company continued to grow, and Lee soon had several teams of four workers going out on a full slate of cleaning jobs across the Valley of the Sun daily. By 2003 he had 16 cleaning teams working a full schedule.

That year he saw a demand for a second service related to cleaning – moving. A large percentage of The Perfectionist’s jobs were move-in or move-out cleaning jobs, so he founded The Perfectionist Moving. In 2012, he changed the name to Moving Team Six to reflect his respect for the military and the efficiency with which they work, which are hallmarks of his companies. His sons JT and Garrett now run Moving Team Six, which currently features seven trucks and a warehouse in north Phoenix.

In 2014, Lee saw another niche that he could fill – specialty cleaning jobs. The move-in and move-out business was growing, and he wanted to put together a special team of four of his top people to handle especially difficult jobs like extremely dirty homes that Realtors needed cleaned quickly so they could be rented or listed for sale. This was above and beyond what his crews at The Perfectionist were trained for, so he developed the Special Ops Clean Team to handle these unique jobs and soon was booking multiple crews for a full slate of work. The advantage to his clients of being able to book a single vendor for cleaning the home top to bottom, including standard cleaning, carpet, upholstery, windows, tile, grout and pressure washing was seen as a tremendous value and a huge benefit and cost savings over booking multiple vendors to handle each of these tasks.

Lee knew immediately he had a winner with the Special Ops Clean Team concept because it was so different from anything else in the marketplace. He envisions this as the perfect opportunity for a husband-wife team or family to start their own business, benefit from his experience and grow as big as they want to be. By following his example, they will have the chance to do exactly that. That is why he is rolling out the Special Ops Franchise Team to those who want to use his road map to success to help them build their own family business in the ever-expanding cleaning field. For more information about this franchise opportunity in the Phoenix area, click here.

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